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There’s an Italian word whose translation in other languages is extremely difficult: “territorio”. Only in Italy this expression, which literally means “territory, land” has developed a vast array of implied meanings that represent the complex relationship between society, economy, culture and nature typical of modern societies. Never before has the balance between these elements been so much at the center of public debate, hence the particular attention that Segest devotes to understanding and developing specific approaches to each “territorio”.


Because we all would like to have better services, nicer buildings, faster transportation and safer infrastructures, but everyday a new project is stopped by protests and oppositions. So what can be done to overcome this impasse, which hinders competitiveness, poisoning social harmony?
Implementing projects and strategic infrastructures should mean first of all sharing, involving citizens in planning, giving them the opportunity to be active part of the decision-making processes. It is the space of participatory democracy, of public debate. A space to be reinvented together, starting from the experiences we successfully developed in this field.